I’d like some sun

I just read a Star Tribune article that said this has been the gloomiest January in decades.

Yup. I think maybe I knew that without knowing it.

This is a difficult time of year for me, weather-wise. It’s difficult for my friends, too. Headaches, body aches, crabbiness, and so much complaining. Even the dog hates it.

It’s also a difficult time of year for me as we are very close to Mom’s death-aversary. In one week it’ll be four years. I won’t fixate on it, but it will be there in the back of my head all week. The day will come, and the day will go and that’ll be it until the next “Mom date.”

And so, I take care of myself the best way I know how in any given moment. 

And I should probably take some Vitamin D, huh? And sit in front of this light that I bought especially for this season, huh? And get some warmth at the Como Zoo Conservatory, huh?

I hope you are ok. I hope you are taking care of yourself the best way you know how in any given moment.

Spring WILL come. 

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