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"When author Nickie's Mom died unexpectedly, her world turned upside down. Nickie started processing her thoughts and feelings on her Facebook feed, and ultimately a blog. In being vulnerable and courageous with her truth, Nickie was reminded of the loving community she is surrounded by on a daily basis, and she began to heal. Written in real-time and organized by years, "Things I’m Thinking About" might help you heal, too. Sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, yet always raw, this book is written for all who have ever loved."

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"This book feels like talking to a friend. It has the amazing ability to make you laugh and cry within the same page. The author is absolutely authentic, and inspires her reader to do the same. I look forward to sharing this book with my friends and family!"

Laura R.

"Such a beautiful and honest reflection on love and loss."

Jen G.

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