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Welcome to Heal & Grow with Nickie! I am eager to support and encourage you on your path to healing and growth. I value transparency, authenticity, empathy, honesty, and laughter, and I am fun and easy to talk to and work with! There are numerous ways in which H & G can help you achieve your self-goals. Scroll down to see the numerous ways I am able to complement your life. I look forward to chatting with you! 

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There are currently four elements of Heal & Grow with Nickie:

Self-Care/Self-Development Coaching

With 1:1 self-care coaching, I can help you prioritize your own needs, change habits, find more time in your day for YOU, establish boundaries, reframe your limiting beliefs, build community and MUCH MORE!



Do your employees need help with their self-care practices? Does your book club need a book to read and perhaps the author to come to visit? Does your women's group need some help conquering their Imposter Syndrome? 


Small Group Classes

Learn self-development skills in the comfort of your own home! No need to even get out of your jammies! Join Nickie and 8 other students on Zoom as we learn about Everyday Gratitude, Beating Imposter Syndrome, Adding Affirmations, and MORE. 


On Your Own

FREE content helping you Heal & Grow on your own. Tips and tricks available on:

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  • 1. Book assessment

    Book a FREE 30-min Self-Care Assessment. 

    Book Now > 

  • 2. Chat a little

    During our Zoom call we will have a casual conversation about what's working in your current self-care plan, and what isn't. I will find opportunities for growth, and we will decide if we are a good match. 

  • 3. Begin Coaching

    You will pick a package and payment plan. I offer sliding scale pricing. You pick your pricing and package, I send you a contract and invoice, and we're off!

  • 4. Determine Frequency

    You are in charge of your schedule. Once we decide to work together, I will give you a scheduling link. I recommend meeting every 7-10 days, but that is ultimately up to you.

  • 5. What's Next?

    Once our sessions are done, you can always choose to add more sessions!

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