I am currently unmedicated and have been so for two weeks.
This is not on purpose and should be remedied soon.🤞

I am someone who’s life greatly benefits from my medication and to be without it right now is very difficult. (If you know me personally then YOUR life also benefits from me taking my meds 😂)

Without my medication (Cymbalta) I:

*have panic attacks that include hyperventilating and chest pain. In the past I’ve mistaken these pains for a heart attack, but my heart is healthy
*cannot focus on seemingly simple tasks like holding conversations and remembering to eat
*cry a lot. I could be happy or sad but I am always crying
*have numerous withdrawal symptoms that you can Google if you wanna
*other stuff that I can’t remember right now because I’m unmedicated

I am NOT suicidal and I AM safe. I’m not at all ok, but I’m not emergency room, either. I’m just waiting it out. When I do have access to my meds again, it could take up to four weeks for me to fully benefit.

I don’t share this because I need anything from you, rather, I did not have anyone who was transparent with me about mental health issues when I was growing up and I really could have used real life examples from people I cared about. I greatly value truth and authenticity in all things “being human” so I’m sharing my human-ness with you.

If you are someone who struggles, please know that you are not alone. I know that many times it feels as if we are alone, but we absolutely aren’t.

I’m sending you all love, and feeling that love from you in return. ❤️


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