How to be a writer (in one easy step)

Follow these instructions for guaranteed success!

1) Realize at a very young age that you LOVE to write.

2) Write about anything and anyone, and don’t care what other people think.

3) Share your writing with your loved ones and teachers.

4) Receive numerous accolades and praise through high-school.

6) Decide you’ll write a book one day. One that people can buy.

7) Take Creative Writing in college. Receive a ‘C’ due to typos, poor grammar, and unimaginative story-telling. Think that your writing sucks.

8) Continue to write in journals only. Never share your writing. Don’t tell anyone that you fancied yourself a writer at one time.

9) Participate in three NaNoWriMos (National Novel Writing Month). Have fun! But, do not share any of it with anyone. As soon as the month is over, go back to not writing.

10) Get occupied with life and pretend like you don’t wish you were still writing. Don’t tell anyone about the thing you wish you were doing. Do this for about twenty years.

11) Have something yucky happen in your life that gets you to start writing again.

12) Share it, not because you are looking for approval, but because you want to.

13) Write for yourself.

14) Remember that 30 years ago you wanted to write a book. Write the book and get it out there. Don’t worry about what happens after that.

15) Keep writing.


1) Write. Just write.
However you want to, whenever you want to.
Typos and grammar be damned!
Just show up to the page if it’s something you want to do.
​Write about anything and anyone, and don’t care what other people think.

PRESTO! You’re a writer!

Happy writing, friends!

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