EFT at touch remedies


Touch Remedies is a company run by my colleague and friend, Dawn Bennett. Although she offers many different services, I go to her for EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique, AKA, “tapping.” I have learned so much from my time with Dawn, not only the hows and whys of tapping, but also how to accept the moment I am given. I HIGHLY recommend her services for grief work or working through any type of trauma.

From Dawn’s website:

“Are you experiencing high levels of emotional stress?  When you think about a situation from the past, do you feel anger, grief, or sadness?  Are you concerned about the future and find your mind wandering to the “what ifs”?  If so, this technique is for you. 

Emotional Freedom Techniques (a.k.a. tapping) is a group of techniques scientifically-proven to help neutralize emotions and decrease stress hormones in the body by tapping on specific acupressure points while focusing on your personal situations. It creates a sense of calm so you can approach situations with clarity, confidence, and personal choice.  Once you learn this tool, you can also do your own work in everyday situations if you choose, empowering yourself to move through turmoil and emotional upheaval and embrace happiness and grounded presence.”


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