Bright spots in difficult times

There can be bright moments of happiness even during rough times and I’m having a rough time, loves. I’m guessing that you are, too. I was all ready to post about the anger, exhaustion, and hopelessness that many of us are feeling, but instead I’m going to post this:

I have fun news!

I’m writing a second book, this time with local, indie publisher  Wise Ink. I got my welcome packet today and I’m so excited to be on this journey!

Although I’ve been working on this project for a couple of months now, I’m still in the very early stages, so there’s not a lot to report, yet. I DO know that it’s about giving yourself permission to feel truly awful about your life in order to get to the really great stuff. I DO know that it’s about telling the truth instead of hiding. I DO know that there will be prompts and activities, some serious, some silly, to assist you along your path. Other than that? I’m not sure, but I’m thrilled to see what might reveal itself.

My original plan was to take my self-published book, “Things I’m Thinking About,” and have Wise Ink tweak it a bit and then publish it under their company, but in the initial coaching sessions I realized that I had other things I wanted to share. So TITA stays as is and I’m forging ahead on this new adventure.It feels weird to invest in a huge project like this while we are in the middle of a pandemic and while I’m unemployed. But I’ve been gifted this time and why not now? The money I’ll get back, the time? Not so much.

So, in between running The Spread Sunshine Gang and getting to various appointments I am writing. And resting. And taking care of our dear Trooper who has slowed down quite a bit. And mourning what COVID has taken while celebrating what it’s given.

Tell me something fun about your life!

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